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Other Products
Veltex  bag - Jewel Pouch
Product Code: 40901
Product Features

Veltex bag  with brass balls and nylon drawstring handles.

Product Details:
Product Size 3 x 4.5, 4 x 8 and 14 x 18.
Handle Style Nylon drawstring with brass balls.
Material Veltex fabric.
Colors Burgundy, Forset green & Yale blue.
Tyvek bags with and without tyvek label
Product Code: 40201
Product Features

Tyvek bags with tyvek label and drawstring.  

Product Details:
Product Size 3x4, 4x6, 5x8, 6x8, 10x15 with and without tyvek labels.
Handle Style Drawstring rope.
Material 1443R Tyvek fabric
Colors Natural.